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Church isn't just an event, but a people redeemed and transformed by Jesus and sent out on mission by him into the world. At Summit Christian we aim to live out these three core values in all we do:

GOSPEL. The gospel is much more than just the message by which we were saved. The brilliance of the sacrificing, dying, risen and exalted Jesus Christ must be central to all of life. The gospel transforms our hearts, shapes our ethics, pastors our souls and changes our behavior. The gospel is the word we preach to bring unbelievers to faith and maturity. True Christian community is created both by and for the gospel.

COMMUNITY. Christian community created by and for the gospel is the place where the gospel is most fully seen and understood. This is true as we continually preach the gospel to one another, and live as God’s people under his loving rule and reign. As we serve one another and others in love and humility, we should be a living expression of the gospel, in word and deed sharing together the peace, blessing and freedom of life in God’s kingdom.

MISSION. We serve a sent and sending God who has sent us into the world as his ambassadors to declare the good news of the gospel and make disciples of all nations. This should not be only a personal activity. At Summit Christian we want to creatively and intentionally do mission together. By proclaiming and demonstrating the gospel, we work together to introduce unbelievers to life in God’s kingdom community.