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God is growing us. Over the past year we’ve felt that growth. Both our seating and our parking lot are beyond their capacity. We're excited about what God is doing in and through this church and want to make space for God's grace in the gospel to impact others. For us, that means multiplying our Sunday morning service.

Multiplying services gives us two important opportunities:

It’s an opportunity to extend to others what God has extended to us. 

Nearly every week we read these words, “Therefore welcome one another, as Christ has welcomed you, to the glory of God” (Rom. 15:7). Those words are about much more than simply greeting one another during Sunday service. They are about making space in our lives and hearts for others. Multiplying services gives us the opportunity to extend to others the welcome of Jesus, so the gospel might take root and grow in their lives.

It’s an opportunity to practice multiplication.

Multiplying services gives us the chance to practice multiplication in house before we multiply through church planting. Adding a second service requires leaders and servants being raised up, equipped and serving with their gifts in a way they otherwise might not. This type of multiplication is essential if we are going to plant churches in an ongoing way. Two services allows us to strategically prepare for planting in September.

Although multiplying services is a huge opportunity, it will not be painless. Change always involves loss. Summit’s feel as a church that gathers in one service will change. Services will initially feel quite empty. There will be people you may not see as often. As Summit has grown we’ve already felt the inability to know and have relationship with everyone. That feeling will increase. 

While there is reason for lament, we believe there is even greater reason for rejoicing! These costs are worth it. Making disciples is worth it. Multiplication is worth it. God’s mission is worth it. The joy of gospel advance is incomparable with any comfort and convenience we want in our church community. 

We’re excited to run together as we trust God for what’s ahead!


What time will the services be?

Tentatively, our new service times will be 9:00 and 11:00 am. Each service will be an hour and a half long. There will be a half-hour break between services with coffee and refreshments. We hope this crossover time between services will allow the church to stay connected relationally even as we gather at two different times. We hope that each individual and family will choose a service to be at regularly and make it their "home."

Will the services be different?

No. The music, preaching and liturgy will be the same at both services.

Will one of the services become the church plant?

For a number of reasons, we will not formalize a division between the services where one is the “church plant service.” However, informally and organically we will encourage people who feel God leading them go with the church plant to gather for worship together at the same service. Stay tuned for which service that will be.

How will we make sure people don’t fall through the cracks?

As a church grows, it inevitably becomes more challenging to make sure people don’t fall through the cracks. However, it is our intention to not let this happen! Much of the responsibility for that will fall on elders, deacons and community group leaders to be aware of and communicate about people. We believe the leaders and systems we have in place will continue to serve healthy shepherding of our Summit family. We also believe church communities are healthier when they focus outward rather than inward. Mission gathers and knits us together in a unique way. As we run toward making disciples we believe less people will fall through the cracks.

Can I serve in one service and attend the other?

Yes! We feel this is a significant benefit of moving to two services. Many people at Summit are not able to worship all together as a family at a Sunday service for weeks at a time. Two services gives an opportunity for people to be involved in serving ministries during one service and attend and fully engage in the second. 

What about my community group?

Community groups will remain the same. We are encouraging community groups to attend the same service together and take ownership over that service as their own. As community groups multiply and new community groups are added, we hope groups will intentionally gather at the same service to worship together.

What will happen to 845 Equip?

We will no longer be having 845 Equip in its current form. 845 Equip has expressed the high value we have for helping people deeply love God and his word. It’s also been a space where emerging leaders have opportunity to grow in their teaching gifts. Both teaching God’s word and equipping leaders remain high values for us and will be expressed in different contexts than 845 Equip.

Where do I fit?

Multiplying services creates opportunities for more people to use their gifts in the life of our body. There are opportunities to serve in children’s ministry, hospitality, ushering, Sunday logistics, and a number of other areas. We hope you’ll consider how God has uniquely gifted you to advance his mission through Summit.